The Livingstone Initiative is involved in a number of significant projects to bring extensive benefits to communities across Zambia. 

We are a registered charity working with communities, businesses, the government and other organisations. We aim to benefit communities by improving health and creating secondary education opportunities for girls in remote rural areas of Zambia.  By creating new opportunities, helps improve the future of communities, in turn this helps to boost the local economy and improve lives in Zambia. We do this through support not only from the UK but also from within Zambia itself. This is to ensure sustainability in future years. 

We also believe that by encouraging communities and institutions in both countries to work together, this develops greater awareness, knowledge and a better understanding of the different cultures between people in our countries.

Photo : Members of The David Livingstone Bicentenary & Livingstone 2013 Committee had the honour of being presented to HRH Princess Anne at a Reception to celebrate The Queen's Diamond Jubilee held at the Livingstone Museum, Zambia, on 28 September 2012. Read more..

Linking Schools

in Zambia with schools in the UK through Art, Storytelling and Music. Read more...

Improving Healthcare

through The Livingstone Zambia-Scotland Medical Exchange by helping with the new ENT clinic. Read more...

Building a Future

by helping the remote community of Chama to build its first secondary school for girls. 

Community Engagement

to coordinate efforts and achieve more together.

Cultural Arts

to promote the impressive cultural heritage of Zambia.

Encouraging Collaboration

between institutions and organisations in both Zambia and the UK. Read more...