Visit Zambia

and discover all this peaceful and democratic country has to offer. Zambia has a rich fauna and flora, impressive cultural heritage, magnificent rivers and waterfalls, as well as The Big Five.

Plan your trip...

Thinking of travelling to Zambia? Then here is some information to help you plan your trip.     

International irlines fly direct into Livingstone are British Airways, Emirates, Kenyan Airways, South African Airways, and the budget airline 1Time.  KLM, Kenyan Airways, Ethiopian Airways and Emirates fly in to Lusaka. Within Zambia Proflight operate domestic flights between the major cities, Lusaka, Livingstone, Ndola, Chipata and Mfuwe as well as small flights into the National Parks. For the extravagant traveller the option to fly by helicopter from Lusaka to Livingstone (6 hours by road) would be a unique experience!     

Road Transport  
There are many tour operators based in Livingstone that can arrange private road transportation in the form of transfers in and around Zambia. For the more adventurous traveller the option to hire your own off road vehicle to traverse Zambia’s National Parks or simply a rental car is also available in Livingstone.    Please note that Zambia is a vast country without a great road system outside of the main access routes; ensure you plan your time on the road wisely!  Travelling at night is never a good idea in Africa due to bad or no road lighting and markings as well as wild and domestic animals venturing onto the roads – all being very common cause of accidents.   Budget travellers can make their way to Livingstone on a variety of local and international buses (some more reliable than others!) as well as participating in a huge variety of organised “overland safaris” covering the length and breadth of the African continent.     

Visa Requirements  
Many visitors to Zambia require visas. For some foreign nationals, these can be obtained at the point of entry into Zambia, however other foreign nationals need to apply for visas from within their own country of residence before commencing their journey. It is therefore important that you at the point of entry, but you must check with your closest Zambian High Commission or Zambia Embassy in your country of residence to find out the current visa requirements. If a pre-arranged visa from your country of residence is required, this can take a long time to process.   

Single entry tourist visas are suitable for visitors not planning to visit neighbouring countries whilst in Zambia - for example joining a Day Trip to Chobe National Park in Botswana. These are available on arrival, depending on nationality.   Double-entry tourist visas are ideal for visitors planning a side trip to neighbouring countries. These can be obtained at the port of entry, subject to nationality.   Multiple Entry Visa:  This last up to 90 days and is the perfect solution for travellers wanting to use Livingstone as their base but travel in and out of Zambia several times during their itinerary.  THIS IS ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH A ZAMBIAN EMBASSY and take time to organise.     

There is also the new KAZA Visa, which allows visitors to the region to travel in and out of both Zimbabwe and Zambia. These can be purchased at the border.

Zambia is a malarial area and it is important that you visit your doctor in your country of residence and obtain a prescription for anti- malaria prophylatics and check whether there are any other innoculations recommended for travel within Zambia. Wear long trousers and long-sleeved shirts in the evenings and use anti-mosquito spray. The use of mosquito nets is advised, especially during our summer months and the rainy season.   Please also note that at the time of writing, South Africa is requiring that all transit passengers from Zambia have a valid Yellow Fever Certificate even if in transit between international flights, and even though Zambia is not regarded by the World Health Organisation as being within the Yellow Fever zone.   Zambia lies in the tropics and it is important that you use high factor sunscreen as the sun is overhead for much of the year.   Please make sure that you have adequate travel insurance to cover you throughout your trip.     

Zambia is a safe and peaceful country to travel through, but always check with your embassy before departure for current updates on Travel Advice. Driving at night is not recommended due to the condition of some of the roads and wild animals. Always respect local customs and avoid being caught up in demonstrations or involved in politics.     

Credit Cards and Cash  
VISA credit and debit cards are accepted everywhere, but please note that at the time of writing there is only one ATM in Livingstone which accepts MasterCard. Travellers Cheques are not easy to cash in Livingstone unless you have a local bank account. USD are accepted in many lodges and hotels, but it is better if you have small denomination notes. There are many bureax de change where you can change your money, but beware of illegal money changers on the pavements. It is illegal to change money on the streets and often the notes are fake.   

Travel Documentation  
Certified copies of passports, insurance certificates & personal documentation should be stored separately from the originals.