Encouraging Collaboration

between institutions and organisations in both Zambia and the UK.

Forging New Links and Exchanges

of information between Africa and the UK by working closely with local, regional, national and international partners

International Development Projects

The Livingstone Initiative aims to create a lasting legacy in Zambia through medicine, education, art, culture and tourism that would benefit the community through strong contacts in the UK and Zambia. 

To this end we set up three initiatives as part of the David Livingstone Bicentenary & Livingstone 2013 Initiative:

Livingstone Zambia-Scotland Medical Exchange 
The Livingstone Initiative created a new opportunity for junior doctors to obtain further study and observership in the UK. This was achieved through the help of a retired Scottish paediatrician, The Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons Glasgow, The University of Glasgow, The Royal Hospital for Sick Children and Gartnaval Hospital in Glasgow. The first candidate flew to the UK in April 2014 for a three-month Clinical Attachment.  

Building a Future
St Mary’s Secondary Boarding School for Girls, Chama, Zambia Father Katete of The Anglican Street Children’s Programme has long held a dream of building a school for vulnerable girls and orphans in a region of north-eastern Zambia, where girls currently face a future of little or no  secondary education and are faced with the prospect of child marriage. The Livingstone Initiative stepped in, raised almost USD 35,000, and approached a leading British independent girls school, which brought 14 pupils out to Zambia to help build the new school during their school holiday in October 2013.

The Bird Exchange 
A chance meeting in Scotland resulted in hundreds of children’s paintings of migrating birds being exchanged between 18 Scottish schools and 19 Zambian schools. The Bird Exchange Exhibition of Art, Storytelling & Music in Livingstone Museum, Zambia, showcased the fruits of this project in March 2014.